Vegetable Stands Near Me: Ultimate Guide To The Central Coast

There is something special about stopping at a local vegetable stand. They offer fresh produce and goodies from farmers right by their farm usually. You can always be ensured that you’re getting unique, fresh, and local produce by stopping at a farm stand and honestly, you can’t beat the pricing.

It might seem weird to stop at a fruit stand on the side of the road but trust us when we say it is not something you should miss! Read more to discover all the vegetable stands along the Central Coast

Always remember to double-check dates, opening times, and weather conditions before traveling.

Central Coast Farm Stands Near Me

All the Vegetable stands near me in the central coast

Los Osos Valley Organic Farm

  • Address: 2310 Clark Valley, Los Osos, CA

Los Osos Valley Organic Farm offers the freshest vegetables right from the farm. They provide numerous options for vegetables, including cabbage, squash, cauliflower, greens, and pumpkins. If organic is your thing, then you are safe stopping here since all their produce is organic.

Okui’s Strawberry N Fruit Stand  

  • Address: 1234 Highland Way, Grover Beach, CA 

Okui’s Strawberry N Fruit Stand is open seasonally to offer some of the best fruits you can get on the Central Coast. The stand offers Albion strawberries that are vine-ripened to full sweetness, so everyone you get is perfection.

This vegeable stand in the Central Coast is open seven days a week from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Check out their website to see when they open for the season.

Rutiz Family Farms

  • Address: 1075 The Pike, Arroyo Grande, CA 

Ruiz Family Farms offers locals pesticide-free and organically fertilized vegetables, berries, and herbs. Their goal is to bring simple, fresh, and nutritious food to your table at a reasonable price and good value for all their customers.

This vegetable stand is open Tuesday and Friday from 12 pm to 5 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm. They offer a wide range of veggies and fruits, including squash, apples, carrots, tomatoes, beans, and more.

Avocado Shack 

  • Address: 2190 Main St, Morro Bay, CA

The Avocado Shack offers a variety of Hass avocados that thrive in the central coast weather conditions. They are committed to offering locally sourced veggies to their clients so anyone can have a healthy lifestyle. Besides avocados, their shack also carries apples, pineapples, kale, potatoes, and herbs.

Vegetable stands near me

Cornercopia Fresh Market 

  • Address: 606 Crestmont Dr, San Luis Obispo, CA 

Cornercopia has a mixture of locally grown vegetables, fruits, honey, and more without pesticides. Their newest products include a Cal Poly BBQ sauce and local honey from Edna Valley. Besides fantastic produce, you can grab bread, eggs, and even flowers when you stop into this stand. The owners are a delight to be around, and their prices are great for all the local ingredients you get to take home.

The Bee’s Knees Fruit Farm

  • Address: 5840 Los Osos Valley Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA 

Sitting on three acres of property, the Bee’s Knees Fruit Farm is more than just a veggie stand. This unique experience allows you to stay on their property and enjoy the farm and activities while there. If you want to grab produce, they offer berries, peaches, figs, apples, pears, and apricots.

Earthbound Farm’s Farm Stand

  • Address: 7250 Carmel Valley Rd, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 

You might have seen this name before, and it’s because they sell their fresh vegetables throughout stores in California under the Earthbound Farms name. You can visit their farm stand seven days a week, Monday through Saturday 8 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 9 am to 6 pm. Besides local vegetables, the farm stand also offers a café with hot meals, sandwiches, coffee, ice cream, and more.

Barn Fresh Produce

  • Address: 8850 CA-1, Moss Landing 

Barn Fresh Produce is a great vegetable stand to stop into because they have it all. You can get a wide variety of local vegetables, including tomatoes and avocados, plus onions, strawberries, cherries, and more. Their selection is enormous, and their pricing is excellent for what you can get. If dried fruits and nuts are your things, this is also the perfect place to stop into.

Giant Artichoke Fruits and Veg

  • Address: 11241 Merritt St, Castroville, CA 

Castroville is known for its artichokes, so you have to stop in to grab some when you’re in the area. You know you’ve found the place when you see a giant artichoke outside, and their offerings are to die for. If you’ve never had a fried artichoke, treat yourself when visiting because you’ll see how long you’ve been missing out. Besides delicious artichokes, the vegetable stand has various produce that can add a little more vitamin to your diet.

Vegetable stands are a great way to locally sourced produce for your household without having to worry about pesticides or the miss management of your food. Being able to walk onto a farm where your produce is grown is a rewarding experience everyone should try.

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