12 Amazing Things to Do in Pismo Beach CA

Pismo Beach, a classic beach town, is alive and well with the sights and sounds of celebration. Pismo Beach, which was once “Clam Capital of the World,” still holds a clam festival every October. And the Pismo Beach Monarch Grove hosts Western Monarch Butterfly Day yearly. As you will see, there are ton of fun things to do in Pismo Beach… Read on to discover them all!

Always remember to double-check dates, opening times, and weather conditions before traveling.

Pismo Beach California

Pismo Beach is one of only five places in the whole state where the butterflies stop by annually. Tens of thousands of monarch butterflies flock forth in vibrant streaks of black and orange to hang out at the Pismo State Beach on their migration route.

Every day its parks, beaches, and hot springs become illuminated by majestic Californian sunsets and sunrises. A rich spectacle for all its inhabitants and the tourists who voyage from near and far to enjoy this lovely town.

When you visit, you will be delighted by the sheer number things to do in Pismo Beach. 

Top Things to do in Pismo Beach CA

Enjoy the Scenery of Eldwaylen Ocean Park

Eldwaylen Ocean Park offers a serene setting which is perfect for a BBQ or simply having a glass of wine. There are few benches and picnic areas that provide seating during your respite from the wildness of Pismo Beach.

Walk along the top area for views of the tidepools. Or climb down the staircase to experience the narrow stretch of space closer to the water during low tide. Although this place is it is not ideal for swimming, it still is a beautiful site to check out. Go a little farther down to Dinosaur Caves Park if you would like to experience “more park”. 

Explore the Interesting Geology Found at Margo Dodds Park

Margo Dodds Park is another quaint little park that lives close to Dinosaur Caves Park. From the gazebo or the benches you can watch the descent of grey pelicans and cormorants or simply enjoy the view of the Shell Beach Coastal Conservancy Preserve.

Walk down the set of stairs and you’ll be able to spend hours touring the rock caves and tidepools. 

Walk around Dinosaur Caves Park

Dinosaur Caves Park got its name from a 50-ft metal framed concrete plastered Dinosaur built by H. Douglas Brown in the 1940s. He’d built it in order to attract customers to his bait shop and adjacent “Cave of Mysteries”, wherein visitors could enter a sea cave via the dinosaur’s tail. It later collapsed, but a few beautiful remnants remain. This 11-acre park is ideal for walking, jogging, and fishing and overlooks the ocean.

One of the most remarkable things to do in Pismo is to pay a visit to the a large and one-of-a-kind play area. It features with many effigies as living testament to the park’s imaginative roots. 

Join the Fun at Oceano Dunes SVRA

The Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area is actually the only place in the entire state of California where motor vehicles can enter the beach. This has made it a popular site for buggying around on dune buggies, motorbiking, and traversing the sprawling dunes in an ATV.

This Pismo Beach attraction is perfect to enjoy all the action and create lasting memories. 

Go for a Walk on Bob Jones Trail

Looking for things to do in Pismo Beach with the family? Then head to Bob Jones Trail!

The trailhead for Bob Jones Trail is situated near the Avila Hot Springs and its path extends all the way to Avila Pier. It’s also known as the City to the Sea Trail. Bob Jones’ paved pathway is perfect for road biking, jogging, and walking and is an excellent site for the whole family to enjoy.

It follows an effervescing creek atop a hillside and meanders through gardens, a golf course, and eventually leads to the beach. The secret gardens are an incredible surprise for its visitors. 

Visit the Pismo Pier

The Pismo Pier is a relaxing site for surfing, running around on the beach and even going to lunch at the local eatery which sits right on the pier. Take a picture in front of the famous Pismo Beach sign or simply lounge in the expansive white sands. People often like to fish from both sides of the pier. 

Try a Taste Test at the Sans Liege Tasting Room 

Located just a short walk from the pier and many other restaurants in downtown Pismo Beach, the Sans Liege Tasting Room offers numerous wine options by the glass or bottle. Since the wine offered is sourced straight from California’s Central Coast, visitors can enjoy a unique wine experience right in the heart of its production. They also serve cheese and charcuterie plates. Discover more and get ready for the visit by checking their website.

Attend the Pismo Beach Clam Festival

The Pismo Beach Clam Festival is one of Pismo Beach’s most popular attractions, with attendance reaching at times 15,000 people. It lasts anywhere from 2-3 days, and there are many bands that perform amidst a vast selection of clam chowders made by locals.

For seven decades, the clam festival has been a major hit for Californians and California’s visitors alike. It kicks off with a large parade, which is then followed by a surfing contest. This event is perfect for the family. 

Visit the Pismo Beach Premium Outlets

This small outlet mall is just the right size to go with small children. You can have breakfast nearby at Huckleberry’s and take the family out for some great bargains compared to quite a few of the other outlet malls. Many of the regional buses stop right next to the outlets making it even more accessible for visitors. 

Soak in the Sun at Avila Hot Springs

One of the most unique things to do in Pisco Beach is to discover the Avila Hot Springs, just northwest of Pismo Beach. Here, you’ll find a 400 square foot mineral pool kept at a constant 104 degrees. It’s right above a natural artesian hot spring.

The springs host facilities for barbecuing, group picnics, and there’s even massage therapy on-site. It’s located right next to the Bob Jones Bike Trail, so visitors can rent a bike from Wally’s and enjoy the easy access to the trail. There are also many restaurants, wineries, and shopping options nearby. 

Sight-seeing at Pismo State Beach

Pismo State Beach, home to the Pismo Pier, comprises the main stretch of sand that runs along Pismo’s downtown area. It’s enthusiasts enjoy fishing, sand volleyball, or simply just resting and enjoying the scenery.

It’s quite obvious that there are plenty of fun things to do in Pismo Beach. Do you already know what you’ll be experiencing? 

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