10 Amazing And Memorable Things To Do In Cambria

Cambia, located right off of the rocky cliffs and beaches of the Pacific Ocean, is well known for its imaginative character. Its gorgeous geology is situated upon 5000-ft thick Cretaceous sandstone, which extends in between San Simeon and Cayucos.

Looking for stunning places to see and great things to do in Cambria? Read on!

Cambria is not only decorated with a myriad of naturally occurring moonstones, sea urchins, sea otters and starfish. But above all, there’s a plethora of places to discover: local estate wineries, farm to table eateries, coffee-roasting cafes, pubs, and tasting rooms. Moreover, there’s also a large collection of bed and breakfast lodgings and quaint boutiques for shopping.

Cambria hosts innumerable recreational options. For instance, visitors can visit the official Cambria website for information about the incredible cycling routes that wind about the area. There is even an electric bike shop on Main street, sitting amidst the vast displays of antique stores and boutiques. 

Always remember to double-check dates, opening times, and weather conditions before traveling.

Moonstone Beach Cambria CA

FUN Things to Do in Cambria, Best places to see and things to discover

Moonstone Beach

Moonstone Beach is one of the first aspects of Cambria’s natural scenery that comes to mind when its frequenters think of Cambria. Its lush shoreline is dotted with smooth pastel-colored stones.

The fact that some call it a hidden gem (all jokes aside) is not far from the truth. Seals play within view, and although the 3 foot waves are the perfect size for body surfing, some even take on the occasionally daunting task of board surfing in this majestic realm.

Unwind amidst the battering of waves against driftwood. The luscious tidepools and salty, fresh ocean air promotes a sense of serenity and liberation. 

Nit Witt Ridge

A crown of architectural accomplishment, Nitt Witt Ridge was the unlikely creation of Arthur Harold Beal. The original owner had salvaged the majority of this house’s parts from the town’s trash heap, thus creating its eclectic original air.

Despite the fact that it is a hodgepodge of found items, its structure was not even compromised after going through an earthquake and proudly remains one of the main Cambria attractions.

However, visitors beware, this place is not an incredibly accessible place to go. Its narrow doorways and uneven paths. There’s even a bathroom with not one but two toilets! Visit Nitt Witt Ridge and you will marvel at the ingenuity of its founder. 

The Cambria Historical Museum 

This museum is inside one of Cambria’s oldest homes. The Guthrie-Bianchini house was built in 1870 by Thomas Clendinam.

Located in the heart of central Cambria, the museum contains a number of antique documents, photographs, and interviews with locals.

Painstaking efforts were taken to restore the home to its original splendor, including a complete reproduction of the original interior wallpaper. Those interested should check ahead of time to verify whether it’ll be open at the time of their visit.

East Village in Cambria CA

East Village

East Village is a pastiche of small Victorian-style-homes-turned-boutiques that warrants an awe-inspired experience from all whose eyes fall upon it.

Coined as being “a shopping nirvana” or simply historic downtown Cambria by out of towners and locals alike, you may find yourself enthralled by the diversity of scents and scenes that make up this area. From art, to unique furnishings, to candles, incense, lotion, and teas. As a consequence, the variety that East Village offers is compelling to even the most reluctant of shoppers. 

The Marine Terrace Trail

This trail in part forms a two miles loop around the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. And, of course, it should be part of your list of things to see in Cambria.

Here, you can ride bikes on the upper terrace of the path while the lower ones, closer to the beach, are excellent for those on foot. Handcrafted benches along the way make for great resting spots for those scoping out the breathtaking views of the coastline. You may even occasionally catch a glimpse of whales from the bluff. 

Rich Man Poor Antiques

From fine jewelry to World War Two posters, this antique shop houses the exquisite wares of over 30 different vendors. This fun place could easily draw its visitors in for hours.

The knowledgeable staff are incredible conversationalists and even banter with them alone is a known nostalgia impute to the customers. 

The Cambria Center for the Arts

From small town performances to a display of intriguing scarecrows in the fall, this place is the community’s centerpiece. The quality of the center and its productions is superb, and it has provided entertaining evenings for many years. It is located in the more recently-developed area of Cambria, the West Village. 

Hearst Castle Cambria CA

Hearst Castle 

This famous landmark is actually in San Simeon, however it is only a short drive away from Cambria. The creator of Hearst Castle was William Randolph Hearst. Also well-known for developing the nation’s largest newspaper and media chain- Hearst Communications.

One of the most remarkable places to visit in Cambria, the castle is a result of a beautiful collaboration between Hearst and architect Julia Morgan, the first woman to gain entry to the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts. This castle and his life formed the basis for the movie Citizen Kane.

He imported fineries from all over the world, including Italian hand-carved ceilings, silverware, textiles, a medieval tithe barn, and church knaves, just to name a few; t even has its own airport. The famous estate is world renowned and overlooks the rolling and endless horizon of San Simeon. 

The Piedra Blancas Light Station Fresnel Lens

After an earthquake in 1948, this lens was removed from a lighthouse and eventually placed on display in the center of Cambria’s Main Street, next to the Veterans’ Memorial Museum.

The lens had been put together in France back in 1872. Now both the original lens and clockwork mechanism are an easily accessible sight for anyone visiting this phenomenal town. While you are in the area (the Pinedorado Grounds), you can also see the slightly amusing “jailhouse”. This is a small shanty-style shack that sits very close in proximity to the lens. 

Cookie Crock Market

This market is full of farm fresh goods. It’s the perfect one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need while exploring the locale.

No need to be taken aback by the name. It was founded in the 1960s as a bakery. However, it eventually evolved into the supermarket it is today, selling over 20,000 different items. 

In conclusion, there’s a bunch of very interesting things to do in Cambria. And none of them will disappoint. From checking the stunning landscapes to discovering some remarkable architectonic gems. The city is home to fantastic curiosities and an endless source for a fun and stimulating getaway.

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