10 Beautiful Beaches for Surf & Surf Lessons in Monterey California

While the waters in along the PCH can be a little chilly, it doesn’t mean the swells aren’t perfect for surfing. Throughout Monterey County, you can find a handful of beaches that are great for getting out and enjoying some time on the water, regardless of your experience with surfing. With the constantly shifting winds in this California area, you know you will always find a good spot or two to enjoy surfing in Monterey.

Monterey County has you covered if you need a little assistance with surfing. You can visit a handful of great places to get a surf lesson or two and go from a novice to a pro on the water in no time.

Always remember to double-check dates, opening times, and weather conditions before traveling.

Surf in Monterey and surf lessons in Monterey CA

Surf in Monterey California

In no particular ordere, these are the best places where to surf in Monterey, take a look!

Best Beaches to Surf in Monterey

Carmel Beach

The best time to catch a wave at Carmel Beach is between October and July. The water is known to be for surfers that are a little more advanced, so if you’re just starting, you might want to skip this beach. The beach can get a little crowded during the season, but the water is clean and the locals welcome anyone out to enjoy a session.

Monterey State Beach

Everyone can enjoy the surf at Monterey State Beach from beginner to pro. This stretch of shore is inviting to all, and when you’re on the water, you will probably run into others enjoying the calmer waters by scuba diving or kayaking. This is not only a top spot for surf in Monterey CA, but also one of the best beaches to bring the entire family too since the sand is perfect and clean, and the wind is ideal for flying kites.

Marina State Beach

Experienced surfers will love spending time out at Marina State Beach since the winds are known to be some of the best for surfing. It is important to note that this beach has a lot of riptides, and lifeguards aren’t on duty as much as on other beaches. If you’re not an experienced surfer or swimmer, you might want to pass this beach just for the riptides alone. Another great feature is the dolphins that frequently appear in the water.

Lovers Point

Lovers Point is always a hot spot for visitors in Monterey County, and now it is an excellent destination for surfing. The beach is perfect for picnicking and playing beach sports, so you can spend an entire day here enjoying the surf and sand if you want. The beach is popular with locals and surfers from all backgrounds, so grab your board and enjoy the ride.

Sand Dollar Beach

Located in Big Sur, this is one of the only beaches in the area that offers surfing. The waves are perfect year-round for the sport, and honestly, the shore is picture-perfect no matter the time you visit. For those who love to explore, once you’re done on the water, you can take a walk and enjoy the Jade Cove on the opposite end of the beach while visiting.

Asilomar State Beach

One of the most popular beaches for surfing in Monterey County is Asilomar State Beach. The waves are always ready for surfing, and the wind blows at the perfect speed for a daily shred. Beginners will love dipping their toes into the water here and diving into the fundamental lessons of surfing since the water is perfect.

Surf in Monterey and surf lessons in Monterey CA

Best Surf Lessons in Monterey County

Monterey Bay Surf Lessons

  • Address: 3770 The Barnyard, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 

Monterey Bay Surf Lessons offers beginner private surf lessons to all and welcome you to learn at your own pace. You can grab a few friends and do a private group surf lesson if that works better for you.

Pricing starts at $175 for 2 hours, but you can work with them on a schedule that fits your needs, and if you’re hanging out for the day, they also offer paddleboard and surf rentals starting at $10.

Carmel Surf Lessons

Known as the original surf school on the Monterey Peninsula, Caramel Surf Lessons has been open since 1986. Carmel Surf Lessons choose beaches with low crowds and surf breaks, so the conditions are ideal for whoever is learning. You get a surfboard and wetsuit to begin your lessons with their headteacher Noah Greenberg with your package.

Rates start at $100 per person, but you can visit their website to learn more and schedule a lesson.

Big Surf Adventures

  • Address: 230 Grove Acre Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 

With safety and fun being their number one priority, you can guarantee to get your money’s worth for lessons with Big Surf Adventures. Classes start at $175 per person, but they also offer private group lessons, big group lessons, or you can join a group already set up to train. They provide same-day lessons if you pop out to Monterey County and have the itch to learn as well.

Surfing can be a great and fun sport once you get the hang of it. While it might seem daunting at first to get into the water, Monterey County has some fantastic surfing spots where you can get lessons and gain valuable insight on the board before hitting the water. Make sure to bring a friend to double the fun.

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