Where to Find & Eat the Best Tacos in Monterey

We all know that taco Tuesday is a thing, but what if taco Tuesday could be every day? Monterey is a great spot to find fantastic taco choices due to its diverse community and delicious ingredients grown locally. Everyone knows California is known to have killer Mexican food, so now is the time to explore and find the best tacos in Monterey… which one will be your favorite?

Monterey Tacos California

The cool thing about Mexican cuisine and Monterey is that Monterey was California’s first capital when it was under the rule of Mexico. There is a ton of Mexican culture throughout Monterey that you can still see today, including delicious food such as the legendary Monterey tacos. These are some of the best taco restaurants that you can find in town.

Where to Eat the most Delicious Tacos in Monterey

Wedo’s Tacos

  • Address: 290 Figueroa Street, Monterey, CA

Wedo’s Tacos is a taco truck that typically sits right outside Dust Bowl Brewery. They set up a little outdoor patio for their guests, or you can grab some tacos to go and eat them while enjoying a beer at Dust Bowl. At wedo’s they use locally sourced ingredients for their dishes that can be found across Monterey County.

There are have four taco options, including Baja fish tacos and a vegan chilli Verde taco. They also dabble in quesadillas, nachos and sandwiches for those who need a little more.

Lopez Taqueria, Serving the best Monterey Tacos! 

  • Address: 500 Del Monte Ave, Monterey, CA

If you’re looking to hang out with some friends, grab a beer, and enjoy a few tacos, head down to Lopez Taqueria. Locals rave that it’s one of the best authentic Mexican restaurants in the area. Fans of Lopez eagerly recommend chicken tacos.

Their wine and beer lists are extensive, so they have a little bit of everything for everyone. If you’re looking for a meal that tastes and feels like it was homemade, Lopez Taqueria is going to give that to you.

Taqueria Del Mar: Best Fish Tacos in Monterey

  • Address: 530 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, CA

Taqueria Del Mar will offer you speedy service and delicious food. If you’re trying to stay within a budget but can’t resist a good taco, Taqueria Del Mar has affordable pricing on all their food, and you won’t regret heading out to them.

They have a wide variety of taco options as well, including squid, shrimp, scallop, and crab, or you can go the simpler route with chicken or Carne al Pastor. The only downside to this taco spot is how small the inside of the restaurant is, so you may want to consider grabbing it to go and enjoy tacos on the beach.

El Cantaro

  • Address: 791 Foam Street, Monterey, CA

El Cantaro is great for anyone looking for healthier options or skipping the meat in general. Their menu is filled with vegan options that cater to anyone’s needs. These options include meat alternations so that you won’t be getting just beans and cheese in your tacos. Besides tacos, you can get delicious burritos, tortas, or even pozole.

Tacos in Monterey California

La Bahia Mexican American Cuisine 

  • Address: 675 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, CA

Locals have nothing but amazing things to say about La Bahia Mexican American Cuisine. Their street tacos start at $3, which means the sky is the limit when downing these tacos. Their options for tacos are simple, with chicken, steak, or fish. If you want a little more, for bigger size tacos: A little more for only a dollar more.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try out their quesataco; you heard that right, a taco and quesadilla combined into one fantastic meal.

Dos Victoria’s Mexican Food 

  • Address: 299 Cannery Row #B, Monterey, CA

If you’re hanging around Cannery Row and have a craving for tacos, Dos Victoria’s Mexican Food is the perfect spot. This simple eatery has delicious taco options perfect for grabbing on the go and enjoying on the beach right across the street.

Besides tacos, they have your typical Mexican staples like enchiladas and burritos. They also serve breakfast burritos all day long, and no one can be angry about that.

Curious about their menu? Check it online and decide what to eat before heading there.

Papa Chano’s

  • Address: 462 Alvarado Street, Monterey, CA

Sitting along the popular Alvarado Street is Papa Chano’s, where you can walk in, grab a seat, and go ham on some tacos. Their motto is serving authentic Mexican cuisine at reasonable prices, and that was all we needed to hear before we were sold.

They have a wide range of taco options, including vegetarian options. If you’re feeling a little bit hungrier, you can get taco plates that include rice and beans or make it a super taco to have it fully loaded.

El Torito 

  • Address: 600 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA

Tacos and a tequila bar are waiting for you over at El Torito. This is a chain restaurant, so it has less of the mom-and-pop feel, but their options for tacos can’t be beaten.

Look into that fajita taco, taco vampiros, and a seafood taco option. El Torito also sits right along the coast, so while you’re enjoying your tacos and tequila, you can get a stunning view that brings the perfect ending to your day.

Nacho Bizness

  • Address: 470 Alvarado Street, Monterey, CA

You can’t even deny not wanting to stop in here for the name alone. This Mexican restaurant is eco-friendly, which is something we all need a little more of. While the primary focus is on nachos, they also offer delicious tacos.

99% of their menu is also gluten-free, which is excellent for people who have a little more dietary restriction. They also have mac and cheese on the menu, and we’re not saying to ask for it in a taco. Just suggesting it.

When it comes to tacos, it’s hard to go wrong. All of these venues serve some of the most delicious tacos in monterey. We bet that they will leave you smiling ear to ear and wanting a little more. Some these are in Monterey’s most popular hot spots, while others are hidden gems that are waiting to be found by you.

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