California is a HUGE state. It’s a complex state and an international hub filled with communities, cuisine, beaches, theme parks, arts and culture that millions come to experience every year.

Keryn Means, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Figuring out the where to go in California in one visit can be a daunting task. As we looked around when we first moved to the Southern California in 2021, we couldn’t find the information we needed. Overall lists of best things to do in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego are easy to find, but not the nitty-gritty information that visitors and new transplants need to get from point A to B.

Not wanting to tackle the entire state, we starting to focus in on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Since we live blocks from the PCH, it only made sense that we make our explorations based on the Highway 1 and Highway 101. Both crisscross along the state, sometimes turning into one highway, and other times going their separate ways.

Life along the PCH

While we still go to other parts of California, you can find all of that over on our other site TwistTravelMag.com, but if you want to stay on the coast, you have found the right place.

From tiny towns and big cities to sleepy beaches, museums, theater performances, restaurants, the best coffee, breweries, wineries and surfing, we are digging into the details you need to plan your own trip, whether it be a day trip, weekend getaway, week long road trip to Big Sur or moving cross country to California, you will find that information here.